Ready for departure

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 23 Nov 2008 08:01
This time we have to start with an excuse. We have not found the time to
update our website before we leave Las Palmas. There will be no new pictures
or videos before we reach StLucia.

We are all ready now. Just running and excersising for half an hour. Then
breakfast, a talk with the people on "Seawlk", and we pull the lines and we
are off. Off for about three weeks. Actualy we cannot imagine.

But we feel we are prepared. At least there is enough food on board. Also a
lot of fresh food. It will last for most of the journey. We just have to
concider what we eat first. The banans are high up on the list. Green appels
and cabbige and potatos comes last etcetera.

We also completede the fishing gear! Maybe we will catch a dorado?

We will uptate this blog and the position almost daily.

We will also be present at the There you can find the
positions of the whole fleet. There will also be individual logs. Look
somewhere under <ARC> in the menue. We will update that too. And maybe post
a picture or two.

At 1200 UTC we leave the pontoon, and just after 1300 we will pass the
starting line. We will not be among the first. We are not raceing. We are in
this for fun and for the experience. The competitive part of it is not in
our focus.