56:42.86N 11:30.72E Anholt

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 1 Jul 2013 21:44
We arrived Anholt early this evening. 11 hours from Gøteborg. Nice weather until 5 minuts after we got the lines right in the harbour. Then a real squall hit with almost 40 knots of wind...
It was nice to visit Gøteborg, but the marina, Lilla Bommen, in the heart of the city, was some experience. There were mooring lines Mediterranian style, but when the lines streched, it was almost impossible to pass. Almost all the boats coming in had problems. After hitting one mooring line, we found a berth almost at the end of a pontoon, and most problems were solved.
Maria and Daniel had been good crew and company for Bjørn all the way form Oslo, and the stayed for the weekend. Eva arrived on Saturday, and we all spent two days together before Maria and Daniel took Eva’s car back to Oslo. Early morning, today, Monday, we set for Anholt, and now we are here. We noticed that our nabours in the marina had a Caribe dingy, just the same as we. You don’t buy them in Europe, so we asked if they had been to Caribbean, and they had, and that resulted in a nice chat and a glass of wine...
We shall stay here till Wedensday, when we plan to procede to Ballen on Samsø.