15:17N 47:47W Noon report

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 13 Dec 2013 15:12
Everything is fine on board. We have some 3 – 3,5 m seas, but the wind at the moment is no more than 20 kn. From time to time a little more, 25 – 26 kn. And for a period last night we had 30 – 35 kn.
I think we never gave the explanation for sowing the sail. What happened was that the aft leach teared, and the trimming line came out. The trimming line got round the deck light, but it was dicovered in time, so nothing happended. But the genoa had to get some stiches. Lars sew along the leach for a couple of meters and a couple of hours. I should far from say that the old genoa is as good as new, but we have a fully functional sail now, and we hope that it lasts the way in to StLucia, where we estimate to arrive the 19th December.
We still have dayly contact with other boats on SSB, but it is harder to keep the nettogether as tha distances between the boats get bigger.
The sun shines, the food is good, the spirit is higher every day. Tonight we shall have only 25% left of the crossing, that is 713 nM. Now I shall have an organge, we still have a few left.