Shipping and hotel

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 8 Apr 2019 03:57
When Tatt av vinden was well aboard «Heerengracht», we moved into the hotel for four nights. We had flexible flight tickets, but still had to pay a lot extra to change flight, because we were so close to departure. Sunday was extremely expensive, Tuesday was almost tolerable, so we saved mony by staying two more nights i Star Park, just in the middle of Auckland. Nice little apartment. But nowhere to hang your cloths. Some modern home planning.
Yesterday we had coffee and said good by to Robin and Espen on «Mera». Today we shall meet with Anette and Allan from «Nala Danica». In the rotating restaurant in Sky Tower. They will also be on the same plane as we to Doha.
When we sat close to the window in the hotel room this morning, we suddenly discovered ropes being lowered down outside the window. When we came outside, we understood what was going on: Cleaning the windows. See the picture.

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