Another fantastic hike

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 11 Mar 2009 12:34
They say that Dominica is for hikers. We love it. Yesterday we walked
through rainforrest and jungle for 4 - 5 hours. Now and then stopped for a
bath in the river or for just watching. It is not possible to describe the
feeling of walking in this forrest, under the high trees where the sun never
reaches, so we shall post some pictures as soon as we get a proper internet

We walked with 7 other Norwegians from three different boats who happened to
be on the bay in Roseau.

Most people here in Dominica are very friendly. But yesterday we had a
different experience. We agreed with a busdriver to take us to where the
hikeing trail started. He dropped us off far from there, as we discovered
when we got off. Probably he was not pleased with the negotiated price. But
bad experiences sometimes turn into something good. After 10 minutes walk we
stopped at the top of a hill. There was a small shop or bar of some kind. We
bought something to drink and told our story. The people didn't like what
they heard, and said that everyone should be kind to tourists. The result
was that two truck drivers offered to take us to the beginning of the
trail - for free. So we rided on the back of the truck like the local people
often do. It was great.

Before we left yesterday morning I was awaked by a loud noice, like someone
dropping a heavy anchor near by. Better have a look if some big scooner or
something is anchoring very close I thought and got out of bed. I could not
believe my eyes. 50 - 100 m away a cruise ship was setting anchor. It was
one of those cruise ships that are able to sail. 5 masts, all with furing
sails, more than three times the size of a fullrigger. It laid out a
reasonable amount of chain and drifted away a little. But if the wind and/or
the current turned I thought it might sweep over "Tatt av vinden". I was not
really worried. I think the officers of these ships know what they do and
that they keep watch all the time. We went on the hikeing, and everything
was well when we returned in the afternoon.

We had heard that not many tourists come to Dominica, but cetainly the
cruise ships come. Yesterday there were three of them. And so far only one
day has been "cruise ship free day".