Preparations, preparations, preparations

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 13 Feb 2018 01:22

And maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, but suddenly I found that I was almost to the bottom of the list! That is the list that I do on my own, just me. Then, in addition there are two items for Mike, the rigger, and then there is the list for the last week, when Eva is here, all those things that we have to be two to perform, and the provisioning. Luckily Eva still has the list and the experiences from three Atlantic crossings. The Pacific cannot be that much different?


Ok, there is a huge difference, because we shall first transit the canal, then sail to Galapagos. We shall probably arrive there about two weeks after we leave Shelter Bay. Then we shall stay in the Galapagos for about four weeks. That means that we shall leave for French Polynesia only after six weeks from the start. Hopefully we can stock up in Galapagos with fresh food, otherwise it will be rice and tins all the three weeks we expect to spend on the crossing to Marquesas, 3.000 nautical miles.


As you may understand, that I am near the bottom of the to-do list, means that I begin to get what lies ahead of us in focus again, and not only see the repairs and chores here in the marina. So far I have not even taken time for a slow walk in the jungle, which I love. Though I have kept my program with morning jogging before breakfast. But what do you see when you are running? One monkey, some frightened agoutis and coyotes, a sloth and three toucans flying over the trees, just in glances, but it does not give the peace of mind that the slow walk can give.


Yesterday were three more Norwegian boats here, Mira, Manjana, Intoma. They wait for transit through the canal. Mira got so impatient that they left for Portobelo (I believe) today. The waiting time is about two weeks for the boat is measured.