Fresh and wet night Day 5 Bora Bora - Niue - Tatt av vinden -1300 Tahiti time

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 19 Sep 2018 23:46
Position: 16:20.62 S 163:16.62 W
SOG: 5.6 kn
COG: 250
Last 24 h: 142 nm
To go: 416 nm.
Wind: 20 – 25 kn E
ETA Nuie: 22 Sep. (after 8 days)
Last night and until 1100 today, wind 25-27 kn, gusting 30 – 37 kn . Much rain before midnight. From 6pm yesterday and for three hours nonstop torrential rain. Now partly cloudy, but nice.
Today we had the last pampelmouse, good, but not as good as the first ones in Fatuhiva. No fishing. At the moment the sun shines, the solar panels do their job, as do the watermaker. Eva and Mia are chatting in the cockpit. We even had a shower today, cleaning the body and boosting the moral. The weatherforecast indicates calmer winds when we reach Niue. That is a necessity if we shall explore there.
Just when I write this, the boat did a broach like manouvre. And the watermaker stoped producing. That meant that it was sucking air (boubles) from the water. That was the fourth time today, all because of the fresh weather, but still, a watermaker is a blessing, just has to be cared fore.