Change of plans? Tatt av vinden day 6 - 1300 Tahiti time

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 20 Sep 2018 23:04
Position: 16:53.42 S 165:34.47 W
COG: 256
SOG: 5,5 kn
Sailed last 24 h.: 134 nm
To go: Depending of destination, (Niue: 416) Vavau: 500.
Wind: 19 – 27 kn, just now 20 kn.
No showers.
The night was much more pleasant than the two or three before.
Yesterday Bob (Metbob) drew our attention to that northerlies were expected Saturday, when we was to arrive in Niue, that day and the following. There is no protection from northerlies in the mooring area in Niue... We cose to change the course for Vavau. If the forecast does not change at lates tomorrow, and it does not look promising, we shall skip Niue. Very sad!
The Vavau group in Tonga is said to be very attractive, and has many well protected anchorages, so having some more time there is not a bad alternative. But it is with sorrow that we sail passed Niue.
Everything is well onboard.