Moorena - Taureu pass east

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 20 Jul 2018 01:42
Position: 17:29.50 S 149:51.15 W

Here we have anchored together with about 20 other sailboats, just inside the reef, in 5 m on sand. Sand bottom is important for best holding. Anchoring just inside the reef here means that the winds are blowing, but the sea is flat, except when some power boat passes by. Here is a resort and a public beach, and the view to the mountains is magnificent. The sun shines, and the weather report for the comming week is just good! This is a beautiful place.
We had some nice last days on Tahiti, maybe we shall tell about them later. This morning we said good by to the family in «Kea». We have met these nice people several times, but in Tahiti will be the last time. They start their sailing west tomorrow, and we start in the end of August. They go to Brisbane, we head for New Zealand. But first we shall enjoy Moorea, then back to Papeete, then home for a couple of weeks.