22:44.0N 20:16.8W In the tropics

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 27 Nov 2008 12:57
We are at last ajusting our course a littel more towrds the west. After four
days at sea we have not made more than 400 Nm. It should have been around
550. The wind was ok last night, but now it is very light.

Still we hope to reach StLucia 15 December, one day after our original ETA.
But, of course, our ETA is going to be changed many times along the route.

We have reched the tropics. The temeperature is slightly higher, also at
night. The water temperature is up one degree. But still we use at least
three layers at night, and the thick fleece is one of them.

Last night we were able to see three navigation lights of supposedly other
ARC boats. Today we are all alone at sea. And we do not hear any more
conversations on VHF.

The tomatos are ripening fast, so we eat a lot. The cauliflower is already
finished. But there are other vegetables and fruits. Yesterday we agreed
upon that even without fishing we shall hav enough fresh food to reach
StLucia. But of course, the wind was more steady then!

Practicalities are not our only occupation. We have started reading as well.
Lazy life at the moment.