26:39.01N 15:50.16W - Noon - First 20 hours - Tatt av vinden

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 25 Nov 2013 12:17
It’s raining. No trades. Light winds (16 kn) on the stern. Running the engine. Just one m seas.
The night was fantastic. Not very cold. The half moon rised around midnight. We did 3x3 hours watches. After this Eva slept from 0700 to 1000! While she was fast asleep we had two dolphins visiting us for a while. That is always great. We never get tired of looking at them.
We were delayed at the start, because Bjørn had a light injury to his right arm some few days ago. It looked as it got wors, so he went to a hospital just in case. He was diagnosed in one hour. Very fast service, probably because we weared the ARC t-shirts. Nothing very serious with Bjørn’s arm, but an inflamation that probably will heal in a few days.
Those boats that were on the starting line in due time were hit by a serious squall. At least we avoided that one! Then some last minute problems with the sat phone. Luckily Ed Wildgoose from Mailasail was still in the marina and helped us out. Good guy! To many usb devices that we did not treat in full regularity. Now we know what to do...
While writing it has stoped raining. We did not make more than 85 Nm from 16:20 yesterday (when we left Las Palmas till noon today, but we did see several ARC boats this morning (before the rain). Some of them are even behind us. Must admit that we are no purists then. We have run the motor for some few hours to try to get away from the low behind us. It is great to be on our way!