50:43N 1:28E 1200 UTC - Entering the Dover Strait

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 13 Jul 2009 12:44
We are about to enter the Dover Strait. The sun is shining. No wind. The sea
temperature has rized from 10 degrees to 15. Again we are changeing plans.
We skip plan A and don't go to Boulogne sur mer. We follow plan B and go to
Zeebrugge in Belgia. Or maybe Breskens in Holland. We'll choose Breskens if
it is still dark tomorrow morning when we reach Zweebrugge. Because of the
strong tidal streams it is difficult to predict our ETA.

We plan to go through Holland very slowly on the canals. Very much the same
route as I and Gregor took "Tatt av vinden" in 2006. But this time 2we
shqall probably not go to Amsterdam, but follow a route from the
Nordseecanal to Den Helder. From there we have 24 hours to Cuxhaven, and
then we are almost home... We plan to arrive in Blommenholm 12. August.