New season - new adventures

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 19 Jan 2018 11:34
Tomorrow – Saturday – Bjørn shall be in Shelter Bay and start the preparations for the Pacific sailing. Of coarse the preparations started long ago, but now the time has come to get “Tatt av vinden” ship shape and ready for the Panama canal and for the Pacific. Four weeks of work. Then Bjørn goes to San Francisco, where he meets with Eva. Eva will then have retired from work. A strange feeling, but welcome – to both of us. In San Francisco we will visit Maria, Robert and Eva’s grand daughter, Matilde. After a week we fly to Shelter Bay and start provisioning. About a week later, around the 5. March we shall hopefully be ready for the big jump: Transiting the Panama canal. This is called the point of no return. Once on the other side it is only going west.
Gregor will meet us on the Pacific side, in Panama City. Then it is off to Galapagos. We are thrilled.
We shall give reports here in the blog, all the way, and when internet connections permit it, we shall post pictures in the Pictures section.