17:00.9N 61:45.5W Falmouth harbour - Antigua

After 8 hours fraom Deshaies on Gouadeloupe we reached English harbour. But
it was just too crowded. We tried to drop the anchor twice, but ended up to
close to other boats. So we went to nearby Falmouth harbour. This bay is
also crowded, but we managed to find a plase, and we are pleased with it.

In English harbour we saw "Namaste", and ashore we ran into Paul and Brigit.
Very nice. This is the second time we just met them accidentally.

Tomorrow we shall start exploring Antigua, and look forward to that. Just
now I feel hungry, and the feeling is boosted by the american nabour upwind.
He has a BBQ on his boat, and he is making something good! But in "Tatt av
vinden" we will soon have the scent of newly baked bread, and that can
compete with most.