42:53N 25:47W Third day at sea

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 1 Jul 2009 12:23
We have to accept the fact that it is a long time since we left the tropics.
16 degrees C at night and 18 during the day, even when the sun is shining,
feels cold! When we have reports from Oslo, there is above 32 degrees, and
that is on a lattitude that is 17 degrees higher... Probably that means that
there is hope for the summer when we get to continental Europe!

As it looks now we shall be in France either 8th or 9th July. Going directly
from Horta to Camaret means that this is the last ocean crossing. Of course
there are some open and challenging streches left, but probably none that
requires more than one night at sea. - But there is still another week till
we are in Camaret!

After two nights at sea we are able to sleep better, but the waches feel
long because of the cold weather. This leg feels more like transport than
part of the adventure. Still there are nice places to visit in Europe. Even
if our time is limited to 7 weeks, we need not rush.

After all I think it does good to be out at sea this time too.

COG/SOG/Motor: 45/ 5,0/ 0 h last 24 hours.
Wind last two hours: 15 - 18 kn 270 degrees
Squalls/max wind: Max wind 34 kn. (Yesterday) Some few showers yesterday.
Pressure: 1015 mb.
Clouds: Altocumulus
Weather/wind/sea last 24h: Partly overcast, Wind around W, most of the time
22 - 24 kn.
Waveheight: Swell: From NW 2,0 - decreasing from 3 m.
GC distance to Camaret: 927 nm. GC course to Camaret: 63
Sailed (logg)/ motorsailed/ motored last 24 hours: 154 nM Distance to
Camaret shortened by N/A