Painting the wall

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 3 Jun 2009 19:36
Today we have followed the long tradition of painting the wall in Horta. We
found a place on the breakwater, not far from where "Tatt av vinden" is
lyiing logside to other boats. Our American nabour asked us if we should put
in the Norwegian flag, which we confirmed. He said all Scandinavians use to
do this. He is right. And probably he knows the Norwegians and the Swedes,
because he is a captain of a Norwegian cruise ship, also crewed by many
Swedes. So when we walk around in the harbour, there is no doubt that the
smaller the nation, the more often the flag is included in the paintings!

The departure day is comming closer. If the weatherforcast is ok, we shall
leave for A Coruna on Saturday. About 950 nM. This time we shall have extra
crew. Eva's friend, Kjersti, will board "Tatt av vinden" on Friday. We look
forward to welcome Kjersti on board.

At last there is a little sunshine in Horta. So far the the weather has been
very much like the bad weather in western Norway! So tomorrow, hopefully, we
can go to the next island, Pico, by ferry, to walk to the summit, more than
2000 m high. We shall see tomorrow.