Roseau - Dominica

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 7 Mar 2009 17:27
Dominica is truely a wanderful island.

We have spent two nights here now. The first was ok. The next was really
rolly. We thought we had a secure bouy on a mooring. And maybe there was
nothing wrong with the bouy and mooring, but it was too close to the next
one, or it had a too long line. This morning we ware alarmed by an Aamrican
who came over in his dinghy, because he had observed "Tatt av vinden" and
nabouring "Beez Neez" close side by side. It was just in time. In the heavy
swell our masts crossed each other on each wave. Luckyly nothing bad
happended, and we moved to another mooring. It is just as rolly, but it has
a safe distance (we think) to the other moorings.

The predictions are 3 m waves from the north tomorrow. That does not seem
likely at the moment, because it is much clamer now than 6 hours ago, but of
course the conditions may change again.

The moorings are of course not what makes this into a wanderful island. The
walks here are good. We have only taken one so far. Through the vally that
we walked (without guide this time) we saw wild growing bananas, coco nuts,
nutmeg, pinapple, papaya, bread fruit, grape friut, cocoa and lime.

The day before we went to the botanical garden in Roseau. It was a beautiful
park with a lot of different huge trees from around the world.

Earlier the same day a cruis ship came to town. Suddenly the whole town
turned into a marketpalce. We loved to take part, but we were careful to
mention that we were in town for some days...

Today we went back to the town, and the fruit and vegetable market
(Saturday) was fantastic. Better quality and better prices than on any other
island we have been to.

They even have a good supermarket (selling frozen seafood) and of course
good restaurants. The bus system seems good, and the people are ok. We just
look forward to more hikes, that's what this island is about for turists.

On the bay we met again with "Namaste" (UK), our nabours from Las Palmas,
and later also "Ruffen" (N) wich we met in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. It is good
to see people we have met before.

We plan to stay for some more days before we go to the northern part of the