Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 13 Jan 2009 19:50
The last few days have brought many changes. On the 9th we celebrated
Bjørn's birthday. We were Cordula and Andreas from "Aphrodite", Maria and us
on Zansibar, a local restaurant with very good food. The celebrateion was
also a farewell to the people on "Aphrodite". Again a little sad, we have
followed each other from Torrevieja in September. But we are still in
Caribbean for more than three months, so maybe we'll see each other again.

Maria left Saturday, after a good time here. (See other blog.)

One day when we returned to the boat, we saw some people waving energically
to us. "Rea" an Australian boat with Danielle and Andrea, whom we met in
Marina Rubicon, Lanzarote, had arrived. Later we had a sundowner over at
"Ohana". It is always good to see again people we have met earlier. "Ohana"
is lying some few hundred meters from "Tatt av vinden". But on our way over
in the dinghy, we managed to be hit by a really wet squall. In this area you
really should look over your shoulder up in the skyes befor going out. The
rain started when we were half way, and it stopped the moment we boarded
"Ohana", but we got suck wet. Again, the temperature is so that we did not
care too much, and Eva somehow found something to cover her hair, so that
did not get wet....

Yesterday Gregor, Bjørn's son arrived. We picked him up on the airport after
we had toured the island in a hiered car. Seeing the rainforest further
north was great, and we also went to Saint Pierre on the coast. That seemed
to be a sleepy place with at least a little charm, and the anchorage seemed
good, even exposed from the west and north.

It was very good to have Gregor on board. He hadn't slept for some hours,
but we had dinner and a beer in the cockpit before we went to sleep just
after ten o'clock, which is normal for yachties.

The internet in the bay has an all too low capacity, so it only works in an
acceptable way at night and early in the morning. So reading news is to be
done only before seven in the morning. But the anchorage is good. Even if
the wind has picked up a little, and more then a little in the frequent
squalls hitting us, the boat has not moved a meter.