Day 20 - Tatt av vinden - 1800 UTC

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 3 May 2018 20:25

Position :  9:45.6 S 135:05.7 W

COG: 280

SOG: 4.7

Current: 0.9 kn , 205 gr

Sea temperature: 27.2

Waves: 1.5 – 2 m

Wind: 12 E

Sailed last 24 hours: 100

Distance to Fatu Hiva: 337 nm

Weather: Very nice. Nice all night, but almost calm.

ETA: Sunday. The light winds last night killed the last hope for Saturday.

Fishing, no luck. Saw a whale in the distance. While writing, we sail with the genaker. WOW. That make some difference. The wind is just right for it. 12 – 16 knots. We have to go a little too much to the south though.

We did not hear the alarm clock this morning to tell us that it was time for the SSB, so no contact with Alutia. Sorry.