44:43N 20:43W Fitfth day at sea - windy and rainy

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 3 Jul 2009 12:21
A frontal system is passing. Not too heavy, but the winds reaches 30 knots
at times. Mostly it is around 24 - 26 knots. It's ok. Worse is that the
watermaker suddenly stopped and will not start again. Obviously in need of
service. Or maybe the seawater is too cold? The sea temperature is down to
13 degrees now. We have enough drinking water, so the watermaker problem is
not serious, but we will bnadly be in need for a shower when the front has
passe by and the seas are a little more calm. But well, it will have to wait
till we are in France.

When we are in France the distance from the Azores to Oslo is around 1000
nM. That is less than the distance we cover from Horta to France. I say
France, because we are heading for Camaret, but if the winds are very
favourable (sometimes the are...), we may add another 30 hours and go to
Cherbourgh. But Camaret is our plan A.

We sail carefully, just the genoa, and it is rolled in a bit. Around 6
knots - that is not fast under these conditions. I wander what the bottom of
the boat is like. Ten weeks are gone since I cleanded it in BVI.

Ii is kind of lonely out here. Last night we saw one ship. That was the
second since we left Horta. In the beginning it seemed to head streight at
us (they always do...), but in due time it shifted course.

COG/SOG/Motor: 60/ 6,0/ 0 h last 24 hours.
Wind last two hours: 18 - 24 kn 280 degrees
Squalls/max wind: 34 kn
Pressure: 1015 mb.
Clouds: Overcast. Nimbostratus or stratus.
Weather/wind/sea last 24h: Partly overcast yesterday, overcast today. Wind
around 280, most of the time 14 - 18 kn (Yesterday). 18 - 30 kn (today) Some
few showes.
Waveheight: From W, 3m Swell: Almost none
GC distance to Camaret: 681 nm. GC course to Camaret: 65
Sailed (logg)/ motorsailed/ motored last 24 hours: 139 nM Distance to
Camaret shortened by 126