Works and walks

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 9 Mar 2016 22:23
Finally we have made ready for sailing. Tomorrow morning we set sails for Bocas del Toro. That is just a day and a night’s sailing from here. We had plans for Providencia, but there has been too much work to do on the boat, and we do not like to have three days of sailing directly into the wind. So Bocas del Toro it will be.
Yesterday we discovered a leak somewhere in the system for the generator. Of course it was in the least accessable part, in the water collector in the exaust system. It took six hours crawling in a narrow compartment in the bottom of the boat to fix it. Sometimes it is good not to be too big!
There has been a lot of other things also. But it is too boring to tell the story.
Better is it to tell that we have had several more walks in the jungle in the national park of San Lorenzo, just outside the marina. One of the walks was with a group of other sailors. A bird walk was announsed on the cruisers’ net on vhf ch 77. There are a lot af activities, and the Americans are usually the driving force. And they organise the net. You check in, tell what boat and what country. Information is exchanged, activities announsed, some offer their expertise and so on. But it was the bird walk. The initiative was from two women. They were very clever, especially one of them. They spotted and recognised a lot of birds. We were not able to photograph many of them, but benieth are some. We also had a reunion with the monkeys. And we saw a sloth (Norwegian: Dovendyr.) Pictures below. We also have seen a couple of other mammals, but they ran so fast that we do not have pictures.
Just now we have been to the pool. Outside there is 32 degrees, and the marina pool is a refreshing place. It is five o’clock, not tea time, but sundowner time. But we have seen the first Norwegian flag this season, except for our own, so we shall walk over and say hello. Then there is dinner in the cockpit around seven. Some sort of boullabaise today.
Spreading a wing in the top of a palm tree.
The sloth. (Norwegian: Dovendyr.)
Desturbed in its breakfast.
Seems that they prefere to eat in this position – hanging in their tail.
The bird walk group.