17:09.04N 62:37.87W - Nevis

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 25 Jan 2014 22:45
We arrived here 16:30 local time. It was downwind sailing in 15 - 20 knots wind all the way, 40 miles from Antigua. Just the way you dream of it. We let the autopilot do the job, spread the genoa and the cutter, and lay down in the cockpit licking sun, looking up from time to time, just in case. An hour or so before sunset we reached Charlestown. We found a bouy. Costums are closed, so we shall go there tomorrow to clear in.
Nevis is a small island. The population is about 12.000. The island is in union with St.Kitts, who is very near by and have a population of about 35.000, so the nation has a population of just short of 50.000 inhabitants.
The highest point of Nevis is around 1.000 meters above us, surrounded by dark clouds all the time, but luckily no rain. We had a magnificent sunset while we celebrated the arrival over a small glass.
We look forward to explore this island for some days.

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