21:14.4N 22:00.9W Tatt av vinden - Noon report

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 29 Nov 2013 12:19
We are trying to flee from a low, so we are heading much more east (and south) than originally planned. We are sailing with the wind on port bow. It is raining a little from time to time. Nothing like this in the brohcures!
But life on board is ok. Eva is baking bread. Lars is reading, and I do the “office work” of the day, while the watermaker produces excellent water. At 1300 UTC it is time for radio contact on SSB.
We have he lure in the water, but it seems tha the fish has not grasped the point. At least no catch so far.
We don’t see any boats now, but this morning we still had one to starboard and one to port. We could see their lights during the night.
In the middle of next week we hope for the trade winds.