Thursday in Shelter Bay

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 13 Jan 2017 02:00
Full moon, “Tatt av vinden” in the water, earlier today a bright, sunny day. Toilet repared.(That was a really hard job!) Now we are moored at a very nice slip at the dock. We have cleaned up the boat, and we look forward to sleep on board tonght. It is a very different feeling from the hotel. There are lots of work left to do, but now it will be much easier to combind pleasure and work.
The weather is a bit peculiar. The winds are blowing pretty hard, and when you look at the bigger picture, you find that the the trade winds does not reach the Caribbean. There is a big northerly wind system that comes from far north, around New Foundland or so, and blows over Cuba and Hispanola, and all the way to Panama. I think this s a littel special, because i January the Azores high and the north east trade winds just north of equator use to be well established.
Hopefully this will change in a week or so. The way it is now the winds are a bit too fresh for saling north to the Colombian islands outside Nicaragua.