14:28.0N 60:52.3W Le Marin is full

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 8 Jan 2009 19:08
We tried today to go into the marina in le Marin. At 0900 we were told to
stand by at channel 9. After several calls we left the anchorage at Saint
Anne and approached the marina. The final answer was that "it is full, full,
full, full".

So we are in the anchorage just outside the marina. And that is not so bad
either, but just these days, with visitors on board it would have been nice
to be inside.

Even the large anchorage is crowded. We have anchored in a way Bjørn is not
very fond of, too close to other boats, but the holding is good, and it is
good for the mood on board.

This morning it was Good bye to "Seawalk". They go to Barbados today. Maybe
we shall see them in Saint Marteen in March, but nothing is sure. It is kind
of strange saying good bye. And a little sad. We have followed each other
since Gibraltar, in September. "Aphrodite adn "Ohana" is still here.