38:41.429N 9:25.134W Cascais

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 25 Aug 2013 18:20
We arrived yesterday. Today we went into Lisboa. By train. 45 minutes. 4€ for the roundtrip! Very nice trip. Marlon had never visited Lisboa. For me it brought memories, because Eva and I maried in Lisboa in 1999.
We had som serious winds when we arrived Cascais. After passing Cabo da Rocca, just north of here, the wind increased from 22 to 45 knots, even one gust of 47. The good thing was that when we had well passed the cape the seas went almost flat. But with only a couple of squaremeters left of genoa canvas, we made almost seven knots. In the bay, outside the marina, the wind was down to 30 – 35 knots, but still so much that I was afraid that we would not be able to get into the harbour and into a berth. We called the marina on channel 9 and asked for help. Two men came out in a fast dinghy. They said “no problem, follow us. There is a little less wind inside.” I felt anxious, but “Tatt av vinden” followed them, and we reached the berth witout problems of any sort. The marina was very helpful. Believe me: The feeling was good afterwards. his marna has an excellent service, but it is a little on the expensive side.
There was perhaps more wind yesterday than ususal, but there are two effects working together here: Because of the heat, the wind bilds from the seaside in the afternoon. The second effect is the accelleration around and over the headland of Cabo da Rocca. Toghether these two really test your balls. We were out for fifteen months five years ago, and we never, either in the Mediterranian or in two Atlantic crossings or in the Northe sea or in Bay of Biscay had more then 40 knots, and that happened just once, shortly through a squall.
This morning, the wind was all gone. Completely. Breakfast int the cockpit. Now, early evening, we have at least 20 knots here in the marina. The harbourmaster told us that this happens all of August. I know better. Eva and I was here five years ago in June. Same thing happened. Just that instead of the 45 knots, we had 38 knots, and also at the time, no wind in the morning. So I think this goes on all summer.
Here we also met with “Snuppå” which we met in A Coruña a month ago.