At last some real uptates

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 28 Jan 2009 20:28
Most of the day has been spent updateing our website. Those of you who like
to see our pictures, may now find a whole lot of new ones. (And a couple of

We are lying in Port Luis marina, St George, Grenada. We like it here. So
far we have only explored the marina bar, teh Yacht club and the waterfront
in St George. In the comeing days we will rent a car and explore the island.

The sailing from Martinique down here was fast. We tied the dinghy on the
fore deck. That gave us some extra speed of course. We chose to daysail.

First leg was from Grand anse d'Arlet in Martinique to Anse la Raye in St.
Lucia. We just stopped for the night. We were the only ones at the
anchorage, and there was some uncomfortable swell.

Next morning we started just after dawn, 0615 and had breakfast under sail.
The days are short, and we had to cover 60 nM before sunset. That proved to
be no problem, and after a somewhat slow start, we picked up speed, and we
arrived in Admiralty bay, Bequia around 1700. We anchored, probably to far
south in the bay, and experienced some uncomfortable swell during the night.

Next morning, the same procedure, and 65 nM to cover before dark. Again no
problem. We arrived in St George just after 1700 and went to the marina.
According to Cris Doyle you cannot expect to anchor in the Lagoon, because
of extensive plans for expanding the marina. But there is plenty space for
those who want to anchor. Normally we would have chosen to anchor, but after
more than three weeks we found the marina too tempting. We pay 52 US $ per
night here. But the internett is free - and it is good!

More about the island later.