Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Tue 15 Apr 2014 17:35
We are in the marina, Harbour Village Marina. That is because we have visitors. Bjørn’s son and his girlfriend are with us. Bonaire and visitors means diving, and Bjørn and son go diving. Eva and his girlfriend stick to snorkeling. Now we have spent a week here, and we shall stay some more days before we go to Curacao. Curacao will be the last stop in this season. There we shall houl out “Tatt av viden” and fly home.
Bonaire has only 15.000 inhabitants. But some days cruise ships come to the cruise ship dock, and the tourists swarm out for a few hours. The bars and some some souvenirs vendors make som money, but the cruise ship tourists spend most of their money on board, so it is not a great business. But of course, for instance, to day there is a ship with 3000 passengeres, if they spend 30 US each it is close to 100.000 US in a day... Per person the sailors spend a lot more, and so do the hotel guests.
The main export industry here is still the salt production. Here is also a transfere terminal for cruid oil, and two large radio stations, broadcasting to the hole world.
We have toured the national park, we have toured the island, and we have visited the town, all by a rented car. This town (Kralendijk – means coral dike or in Norwegian: korall-dike. The name is Duch of course, Bonaire beeing a special municipality in the Netherlands.)
here is one dinghy dock in the town, and it has its bar. A nice place to have a sundowner...