Our two last days in Tahiti

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 23 Jul 2018 22:14
Before we sailed over to Moorea last Thursday we went for a long walk on Tuesday and on Wednesday we rented a car and drove around the Island.
Tuesday we took the bus to Pirae, the town next to Papeete, then we tryed to follow the guidelines we had got in the tourist office. It should be very easy, just follow the signs, but we got it all wrong, and we had to walk two or three kilometer extra before we got it right. Then we started to follow the road, up, up, up, steap uphill. We walked almost 8 km along the road, and climbed 600 m. Then we came to Belvedere where there is a restaurant. Closed! Luckyly we had brought water and energy bars. We were surprised, because we had read the opening hours on a sign further down the road. On our way down we read the sign once more, and learned that it is not enough to read the hours, you have to read the days as well. Ouvert de mercredi a samedi... we were there on Tuesday. But it was a nice walk in the rain forrest, so we were happy after all.
Wednesday we rented a car and toured around the entire island. Tahiti consists of Tahiti nui and Tahiti iti (great and smallTahiti). The two are connected by a narrow istmus. There is not very much of interest to see on the east coast, at least not from the car. But we saw some surfers and one place we saw a small hole in the low mountain where the surf from the sea was accelerated and came up and out like the stream from a jet engine. There were coconut palms along the path there, and to protect the tourists from falling coco nuts two workers brought them down. One of them came over to Eva and gave her a fresh nut for drinking.
The east coast of Tahiti iti was without interest, but on the west coast there were famous surfer sites and some tourism. Just after we reentered Tahiti nui, on its west coast, we saw a sign saying restaurant de mar or something like it. We parked and had a wanderful lunch, overviewing a bay where many sailboats were anchored.
Having a car at our disposal we stopped at Carrefour, a heaven for provisioning and bought what we needed for more than a week at Moorea.

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