Marina Rubicon and Lanzarote

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 10 Oct 2008 15:20
Thursday we hired a car and explored Lanzarote. It does not take much
petrol. We saw most of the island using less than 10 litres. Though we do
not claim that we have discovered all the secrets of Lanzarote.

We went to see the fire mountains, the volcano craters and the lava. The
last eruption happened in 1824, so we felt that the magma had not more
than become cold. Actually it was not cold everywhere. In the top of one
of the volcanos we learned that the temperature is 250 degrees just a
couple of meters below the surface.

At Mirador del Rio we could see over to La Graziosa, from the height of
480 meters. The “Rio” is in fact the narrow straight between Lanzarote and
La Graziosa. La Groziosa seemed to be a beautiful island, but we concluded
that we preferred Marina Rubicon. (Nothing feels better than confirming
ones right choices.)

In Jameos del Agua – a beautiful cave with a small subterranean sea – we
met the blind crabs. They are very rare, but disappointingly small. I
guess the size is not important to the marine biologist, but to the
tourist “size matters”.

The nature is very special here in Lanzarote, because of the volcanic
fairly recent history. There is almost no vegetation. I don’t think you
can call it beautiful, but it is appealing. But everything manmade here on
this island is beautiful. So it is a very beautiful island! Marina Rubicon
is perhaps the most beautiful marina we have been to so far, and we have
problems getting away from here.

Yesterday and the days before we had dinner in the cockpit. Tonight we’ll
eat at one of the restaurants. Tomorrow we will join our friends here in a
pontoon party. Maybe on Sunday we will set sails. Life is good.