14:28.2N 60:52.0W Martinique

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 31 Dec 2008 21:16
It is new year's eve. Back home there is only two hours left till midnight,
and we wish all a very happy new year!

Bonne anné! I guess this is the phrase here in Martinique. Here the sun is
still shineing. The time is almost 1700. Eva takes a little rest after
having prepared the food for tonight. Seafood Tunisian style, and the
champagne is in the fridge. We shall celebrate in "Tatt av vinden" together
with our friends from "Ohana" and "Aphrodite". We are all in the marina in
le Marin.

We arrived here yesterday after several hours of sailing against the wind.
It was a long time since last we had real headwinds. 25 knots over the deck
most of the time. It was not comfortable, but "Tatt av vinden" performed
pretty well, and we arrived here in the afternoon.

The first meeting with Martinique is a pleasant one. Looks lovely here. We
look forward to explore it the next two weeks.

We shall stay in the marina till Maria has arrived. She will arrive in Fort
de France 2. January. The day after we shall probably go to a nearby
anchorage. So far we had only one night at anchor in the Caribbean. That was
the last night in St Lucia. Rodney bay was dark, but quiet, no swell. And
finally Eva had a morning bath.

Last night it rained almost all through the night. Hopefully this night will
be better. Otherwise it will be a wet celebration in the cockpit. Ofcourse
we can go inside. But that is not the same.

On our way to the supermarket, we ran into John and Nicoline from
"Seraphin". They had also arrived yesterday together with "Seawalk", and are
staying at the anchorage, before they go to St Anne for a couple of days.
Also the people from "Abim" (Norwegian) we have met on the pontoon, and a
Swedish couple we met in Las Palmas, we met in the marina. (At the moment I
cannot remember their boat's name.)