We are ready!

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 24 Nov 2013 08:10
Believe it or not, we are ready to go. From tomorrow we shall update the position on a regular basis. And give a short report from the day. Maybe there will be some few pictures from time to time also, but they will appear in this blog. (Today there are new pictures in the picture page.)
Now, just breakfast and then download and study the different weather reports.
Wel,l when we got the greens and vegetables last night (!) 8 cabbages and all the lettuce was missing. Luckily Eva has spotted a Spar shop that is open on Sundays. And of course topping up the watertank. Otherwise we are ready.
We look forward to the days out on the sea now. It has been some hectic last days, and out there we hope the tranquillity will come to us.