Still Green Island

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 21 Jan 2015 17:57
We love it here (here too!). Yesterday we walked on the island and the result was (among others) that we bought another mola. We also met one of the Kuna women that we bought from earlier in the day. She sat outside a very modest hut and made more molas. She told us that those with the most detailed patterns would take several months to make. The simpler ones about a month. But probably the hours of a months work is not 170.
We have forgot to tell, that just before we left Holandes Cays, we saw a crocodile. Big one. Probably more than two meters. It lay in the water, just a few meters from an American catamaran we visited! It seemed to live on Banedup. And we had trustfully walked around the entire island, and swam the water...
Today is work day for us. That means that Eva bake bread, prepare a meal for later, do the dishes, make breakfast, lunch and dinner (Lobster today, bought from two Kunas in a dugout cano who came to "Tatt av vinden"). I prepare pictures for the web site (to be launched when we get internet), produce water, make some order in different parts of the boat where there is disorder. After lunch we relax and explore. (It's a hard life in the tropics, you see.)

In three days Maria and Robert will visit us. They come from Peru where they now are hiking to Machu Pichu.

The wind is between 10 and 18 knots, most of the time around 14. Without the breeze it would not be nice here, about 30 centigrades and 55 - 65% humidity. The water is 27 - 28 centigrades, and just a little refreshing.
Our inventory of wine still is up to consumption. A few shovers (really few). What more can you demand for a couple of weeks?

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