14:27.9N 60:52.6W Le Marin - Martinique

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 3 Jan 2014 23:21
At last we have moved on. Wr left St.Lucia this morning and sailed to Martinique. Now we are anchored in Le Marin, and we shall probably go to Grand Anse d’Arlé tomorrow. Grand Anse is a nice bay with a very nice beach, good anchorage, and pictoresque bars on the beach. These places are all well known to us from five years ago.
Le Marin is a huge marina, and lots of boats at anchor outside. The check in was strait forward, once we found the Capitainerie. Most we dis ourselves on a computer, then just got a siganature on a printout, paid 5 euros, and that’s t. What is even better, we cheked in and out in the same operation. Then it was off to one of the low priced supermarkets. It is very good to have a fast dinghy. When you go at 10 knots, the distances are short.
Martinique is an integral part of France. We therefore pay EU prices for telephone calls! What a difference. In St.Lucia we did not even dare swich on the cell phone. From St.Lucia calls to Norway was twice the price of the satellite phone!
But we long to anchor a place where we can just jump in from the boat in the morning. Marinas are not made for morning baths! So tomorrow!