Back in Shelter Bay and one week to go

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 1 Mar 2018 01:28

We have a new mainsail in place, and we have a new genoafurler. Tomorrow we plan to top up with diesel, then a couple of important repairs, and of coarse provisioning which we plan to do on Monday. Some of it for the leg to Galapagos, some of it for all the way to Tahiti, four months.

Here are four Norwegian boats in the marina now, and three of us shall go to the Pacific. Here are also Swedish boats, so the Scandinavians are well represented. The Norwegian boats are: “Fortia” (who plan to sail back to Norway), “Alutia” and “HarryZ”, both bound for the Pacific, and Alutia plan to go to Galapagos, and so do the Swedish boat ”Ultimo”. All these boats are on the same pier as “Tatt av vinden” (here are 6 piers, or docks as they call it here). So there is room for some conversasion when you straighten your back from the work.

It is of coarse a different and much better life here now that Eva and I are together here.