Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 9 Jan 2017 21:47
The day started with jogging in the jungle. That was a nice way to start my birthday. Eva of course run a longer trip and much faster than I. But I am used to that by now. We started out 6:30, just after sunrise. Eva saw  a wild pig, and we heard the hauling monkeys all the way. One place a tree had fallen over the road, because of the wind, and the military came and cut it away. The road had suffered from heavy rain when the hurricane Matthew passed not to far from here. The heavy rain during a hurricane may streach much further out form the center than the strong winds.
Changeing the valve in the toilet outlet seems to be a tricky obstacle to overcome. So far no solution. Gives me bad vibes. Hopefully I can borrow a hot air gun tomorrow and have som help. Luckily the electic system in the boat has survived the many thunderstorms here during the summer. Now it is winter here, and that is the dry season. But the winter temperatures are different from ours back home, today we had 32 degrees here, and that is centigrades of course.
The winds are really strong now for this place. About 25 knots in the marina. And the forecast is that it shall last for a week. But that is part of this kind of life, you let the weather decide, and 25 knots may not be so heavy, but beating into it for three days and nights or more is something we only do if it s quite necessary. So we shall just wait and see.