18:26.80N 64:31.88W - Trellis Bay

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 15 Mar 2014 19:27
This morning we suddenly got restless, and went on to another bay. Trellis bay is very close to the airport on Tortola, but it as the attraction of a full moon party tomorrow...
The bay is pretty crowded, even if there still are available moorings. And in this bay you may also anchor. It is very different from the Bight. The Bight was almost empty at ten a clock in the morning. By four in the afternoon it was almost full. Here the impression is that boats stay for a longer time, and also that some leave their boats here, probably because of the proximity to the airport.
We still have light winds, sun, no rain for days, and after lunch we shall probably have a bath and go ashore. Eva knows she can run here before breakfast tomorrow.

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