Estimated time of departure from Horta

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 10 Jun 2009 10:31
A front will pass over Horta during the day, but tonight the weather will
improve - for some days. Therefore we plan to leave at seven o'clock
Thursday morning. Eight days to La Coruña, we think. The first few days
we'll possibly have light winds. Then there will be a race to get before the
new lows and fronts. But, once out at sea for a few days, we will be more
adapted to the movements and the winds, and we just look forward to get out
there now.

The life on board is good here in Horta. We have seen most of Faial by now.
We still have the whaleing museum, which we shall visit today. I think
Kjersti have some good days here. She socialises easily with our friends and

The Norwegian contingent is almost down to half of what it was at the peak,
but still about ten Norwegian boats are here. At the peak I think eight
Norwegian boats gathered at the dock in the southeren basin. Our American
friend, Evans, called the palce "Little Norway". In fact we are happy to be
a little bit out of Little Norway. But also, where we are, there are three
Norwegians in the row in front of us, and one behind us. All of them are
great people. Many Norwegian boats will leave today and tomorrow, but still
quite a few will stay longer. Most of them set the course to Ireland or

Of the boats still here we are the only Norwegian boat going to Northern
Spain. One of our Danish friends (Hans on "Barolo") said he didn't dare to
go to Spain. He thinks the climate is so nice and warm there, that if he
took the boat and the family there, they would never have the strength to go
home to Denmark....

When we have crossed over to Spain, about two thirds of our way home from
The Antilles is behind us. We have to keep telling ourselves that the summer
and the rest of the way is a cruising adventure too, not only sailing to get

Rebecca, on American "Finnrose", has been out with her husband for 15 years.
She said that her impression is that after one year of cruising, the
cruising people devides into two groups. One hurry home to get ashore and
sell the boat. The other group has been addicted and either turn to the
Pacific or some other ocean or they go home to plan their next cruising.
Well, we think we are somewhere between. We enjoy this life. We also look
forward to get home. But, who knows, maybe in some years... After some
upgrading of "Tatt av vinden" and when we are older... We met a Swedish
couple. Actually we met them several times. They went from Horta to Spain
some days ago. Southern Spain. Later they will go to Las Palmas, which they
reagarded almost as homebase. He is 77. She is over 80. They sometimes take
a crew. The crewman is eighty. They all look quite fit. Age still - far
from - has not stopped them. There is hope for others too.