46:39N 15:02W Day seven - more than enough wind

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 5 Jul 2009 12:48
Still 418 nM to Camaret. 566 to Cherbourgh. We have not decided.

Even if we have F6 most of the time, sometimes F7, tuching F8 in gusts, we
are not doing more than about 140 nM in 24 hours. The waves are close to 4 m
now. For as short time last night we had favourable current. What a
difference, both to speed and the seas. But this morning the current was
straight S 2 kn and tried to send us into The Bay of Biscay. Now it is a
little more neutral.

We see each other just when we change waches. No reason that more than one
should be out in the cockpit at a time. But we are strict: All waches are
int the cockpit. (Actually, it is not so bad inside...)

Yesterday we twice saw a big brown whale. Just for a moment, then it was

We look forward to less wind and better sleep.