18:19,11N 64:37,01W - The Bight - Norman Island - BVI

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 12 Mar 2014 23:24
We are in the British Virgins. We arrived here after almost 18 hours, covering 90 nm. Yes, very slow. Motorsailing almost all the way. After clearing in in Road Town, we headed for The Bight. A lovely place, even if they try to "destroy" it with modern constructions on the beach.
The night was moonshine most of it, and almost no wind. The sea was almost flat, I never experienced anything like that in the Caribbean.
Just out of St. Maarten the over heating alarm went off on the motor. I guessed the reason was the heavy fouling "Tatt av vinden" had acquired after five weeks in Simpson bay lagoona in St. Maarten. Too little cooling water as the result. Consequently I jumped in and went under the boat. I was not able to locate the intake, even if I thought I knew were it was. It took almost half an hour to find it. But after cleaning it we had no further problems. I did a quick cleaning of the propeller also. Still we were set back at least two knots! Tomorrow we shall do some serious work under water!
Today a sundowner on the beach is all we go for.

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