15:04.4N 50:33.0W Fresh food to the finish

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Thu 11 Dec 2008 18:58
As our ETA now is 16 December, we estimate to have fresh food for some days
after arrivel! The tomatos are still good. The bananas are eaten...

Last 24 hours, till noon UTC, we made 148 miles. We thought that was good,
and for us new record. Then we received news from "Seawalk", and they had
shortened the distance to us by 10 miles! At one time our Dutch friends were
about 70 miles behind. Now I am sure they will be in StLucia before us. I am
happy for them!

The wind is even more welcome to our German friend in "Ohana", because they
have motor problems.

Nothing really new on "Tatt av vinden today". We are maybe a little bit more
tired. The seas are unpleasant, and that makes sleeping more uncomfortable.

I always thought about the passagemakeing as an ocean of time to read and do
other things. Nothing of the kind. Ofcourse we read, but there is much less
available time than I ever anticipated. Of course that is mostly due to the
fact that we are just the two of us. During the night watches there is some
time, but then you are tired and nothing much is done. Except listening to
the walkman. During the daytime you try to get some extra sleep. You write
some blogs and e-mails, report positions, study the weather forcast and
listen to some ssb-radio. And of course I chat with my wife. Suddenly the
day is gone, Eva takes a nap from 1900 till 2000. Then she enters the
cockpit, and I go to sleep for four hours. At midnight we change for four
hours, and at 0400 Eva takes a two hour watch while I get some sleep. From
0600 Eva sleeps for two or three hours. If we have calm conditions, I doze
15 minuits at the time in the cockpit. The egg timer wakeing me up. Then it
is time for breakfast, always with boiled eggs, and always in the cockpit.

But we look forward to go to sleep together in a berth where there is less