Tatt av vunden - day 7 - 1300 Tahiti time - bound for Niue

Position: 17:47.12 S 167:50.02 W
COG: 239
SOG: 6 kn
Wind 20 – 25 kn ESE to E
To go: 144 for Niue
Last 24 h: 132 nm
Sea temperature: 26.6 C
Weather: Nice, just one shower last 24 hours.
This morning we decided to go for Niue after all. This is almost in the direction we were heading anyhow. We will be there tomorrow afternoon. If the anchorage (there are moorings) seems not too bad, we shall stay, but if not, we just turn the boat towards Vavau. If we stay, we shall probably stay until 26th or 27th Niue local time. Then we will sail to Tonga and change to their time and “loose” one day. (To keep order we run the computer on UTC at all times...)