Still Gibraltar

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 28 Sep 2008 19:08
The rain is pouring down. The wind is blowing hard. The lightning is all
over the area. The thunder sounds. There is a swell in the harbour... This
was the situation last night. It is slightly better now. Today we have
switched on the heater for the first time since we left the Atlantic coast
of France.

The good thing about lying here waiting for the weather, is that we meet
people. Other sailors. Yesterday we had pizza with a Dutch couple, a German
couple and a Polish-Italian woman from an Austrian boat, besides kids. Today
the boyfriend of the woman from the Austrian boat helped us sort out some
problems with our HF e-mail.

They are all very nice people.

Yesterday we met a Swedish couple. They had been out for 8 years, all around
the Mediterranian. They had found their way to the Mediterranian through the
canals of Europe. Now they were homebound, and planned to reach Sweden next

There are 4 boats flying the ARC flag here in Marina bay. Two German boats,
which we know, and one Canadian catamaran, with people we have not yet met.
In addition the Dutch boat that is now in the anchorage outside the marina,
will join the ARC.

First we thought we would leave Gibraltar on Thursday, then we thought
Monday (tomorrow). But now it looks like Tuesday is the day. But then we
have good hope for fair winds all the way down to Lanzarote. Time will show
how reliable the forcasts are.