Another day in paradise

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Mon 1 Oct 2018 18:43
This morning the temperature was 23 C. A little bit on the cool side, so I put on a t-shirt right away. Then I prepared my dayly oats with milk, as a prebreakfast. In a couple of hours we shall take the dinghy over to the Mango restaurant here in Refuge harbor. The Bluewater festival is on here, and we shall attend a breakfast meeting at nine o’clock. There we shall get information about New Zealand and the sailing from Tonga to there. Sailing over to NZ takes maybe nine days from Tongatapu, the souternmost island group in Tonga, an that is what everybody (who sails) set there mind on now. Even more because the weather here seems very unstable. And the forcasts do not agree. We have the GFS model that has predicted really bad weather here for tomorrow and Thursday, and we have the ECMWF model that gives a much more moderate prediction. So far it seems that the five letter European model wins. And we do not complain about that. Still we shall stay at the mooring until Saturday, before we go to some nearby nice anchorages for some days. They say there is good snorkeling.

In Tongatapu we hope to repare our wind steering, and then just wait for an acceptable weather window, check out of Tonga and set the course for Whangarei in NZ. We have finally decided to haul out there and ship the boat from Auckland to Antwerpen in March or April. From Antwerpen we shall sail it back to Oslo (Blommenholm). Then we have done half a circumnavigation, and the only place we are sorry to miss is Vanuatu. We never longed for the Indian Ocean. Enough is enough. I shall be 73 in January, and Eva will be 63 in April. And we shall both be grand parents (Eva allready is of course) and Jotunheimen awaits us.
Sometimes we wished we were 10 years younger, but then we look at each other and are happy that we still have an acceptable health condition and that we still have the dreams and the longing.
Have a nice day!