The highlands - land tortoises

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 28 Mar 2018 16:10
Yesterday we hired a taxi together with Gregor and Nina and drove into the highlands - that is what they call it here. First we visited the biggest fresh water reservoir of the island, situated in the crater of a volcano. We walked around the volcano on the rim. El Junco is the place called. It was a pleasant walk, the wind was cool and nice, maybe in 350 m altitude. We saw frigate birds. They were smaller than the ones we saw on our snorkeling trip. We guessed that they lived up there. They must have developed another way of life than their relatives at the sea, because we saw no other birds that they could steel food from.
The best part of the day was our visit to Galapagera, a tortoise sanctuary. We saw several land tortoises, some of them really huge. They were not shy, but according to park regulations we had to stay 2 meters away.
We have a lot of pictures, and we hope to be able to post some of them on our blog, but the wi-fi at the internet cafes here is not adequate for that. But on Saturday we shall sail on to Santa Cruz, and there we hope for better connections.
The blog is now sent over short wave radio, and that is only suitable for text.
Back on the boat the sea lions on the bathing platform waited for us.

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