Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Fri 1 Jun 2018 04:27
Position: 15:49.25 S 145:07.08 W
This is unbelievably beautiful, flat water, no swell, palm islands around - they call them motus here, and a village on the nearby motu. Clear water at 28 degrees, mild winds and sun.
We went through the pass with 2 knots of outgoiing current, one hour before low and slack water. That was after just four days and nights at sea. It was a fairly easy crossing, even if we had to slow down most of the way to get the timing right. And we did 30 nm extra to cope with changing wind directions and strength - all planned in advance. As usual, the winds were more variable than predicted, and in periods significantly stronger.
At last we were in the lagoon! Our first lagoon! The village in Kauehi is on the opposite side of the pass, but no more than 8 nm across. Now we are at a buoy, and there is a Danish boat here too. We have observed four other boats at other anchorages around in the lagoon.
This seems really to be what we sailed more than four thousand nm from Panama to experience. Marquesas was fascinating, this is the contrast.

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