Daily life in Las Palmas

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Wed 29 Oct 2008 15:23
From 30 knots to calm in 5 minuits in the marina in Las Palmas. We start to
get used to the shifting conditions by now. Today we baked bread. And the
wind was so strong that we had to let the stove hang free, like we do in the
open sea. And there is heavy rain as well. But, it changes very quickly. And
we do not complain. This morning Bjørn got an sms from his son, telling that
Oslo had 15 cm of snow this morning!

This afternoon we are invited in birthday party to Susanne in "Ohana". We
will probably have blue skyes by then.

Yesterday we washed and polished the boat, and remembered that at this time
of the year we normally haul out and cover the boat for the winter. Instead
we now prepare for sailing in the sun - even if it is winter when we arrive
in Caribbean. Just now we are making a list of courtesy flags for the many
states in the Antilles.

In the week end our freinds are arriving, and then we will explore the
interior of the island and the mountains. The walking in the mountains is
very good here in GranCanaria. There is in fact a guide written by
Norwegians (in Norwegian) that covers the subject.