46:56.1N 6:21.2W Bay of Biscay Saturday

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sat 20 Jul 2013 10:43
We are on our way to A Coruña. We are motoring. Very little wind.
Half an hour ago we met British saling yacht “Ascension”. We had to make a little diversion not to run into them! We had a nice chat on the vhf.  They are also heading for A Coruña, but they had already been sailing for 4 days from England. They had motored for two days, and were now a little low on fuel, so they went on sailing, even if their spinnaker just would stand up.
We have a pleasant crossing som far, except from the motoring. The day is hot, so we had to set up the bimini, What a nice difference! We have met dolphins. Of course. You allways do that in Biscaya. Light clouds last night did not stop the light from the nearly full moon. Now the sun is bright. And last night we used one layer less of cothes. We expect som light headwinds the last miles in, so we head a little to the west of A Coruña, to have a better angle in. Maybe some sailing?