Santa Marta - Dino

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 18 Jan 2015 17:03
Dino has been the preferred agent for sailors who come to Santa Marta, he is very reliable and amiable. He used to charge US 100 for his services. Now the marina has their own agent, and they do not charge you extra for the help with the paper work. So they will run Dino out of business. Dinos counterattack is to give his services for free. He cannot live from that of course. But he has a plan. He wants to buy a car and broaden his services, takeing people to places in the surroundings, doing them favours, all the things you can think of that you need a helpful Colombian for. Not for free of course. If he has success, he will still offer the agent work for free, just to come in contact with the sailors, and tell them of his services.
We used Dino, and we were very pleased with him. He speaks good English and that was very helpful to us, because of our poor Spanish. Of course we knew that he could not live from free services, without any addons, and he did not say no-thank-you to a little bonus.
We tell this because we think it might still be worth concidering using Dino.