A fun and inspiring story

Tatt av vinden
Bjørn Larsen
Sun 22 Jan 2017 17:43
Today was a swapmeeting in the marina. We placed som few items close to a Swedish couple, and started talking to them – without any presentation. After some time I said that maybe we would see each other in the Pacific next year, so I gave him our card. His face showed surprise, and he said: “Tatt av vinden” – really? I confirmed, not understanding his reaction. Then he said that he had to tell his wife, because we, Eva and I, was the reason that they had gone out cruising. Of course they had their own drive, but his wife had gained the courage to cross the Atlantic from the reading of our blog, and she had followed us over years. What a coincident, and how nice it is to have been able to give inspiration and courage to others. We sure hope that we will see them again.
Their boat is “Loupan” of Stockholm. See www.loupan.se.
We still plan to go tomorrow to Portobelo. The winds are good for Providencia, but a front is coming in up there, and then the ancorage would not be a nice place to be. So San Blas will be it.